Mending Trauma

Mending Trauma

Collaboration, Exploration & Apprenticing

Over the course of 2020/2021, Karin a Dremel, MTS and I offered: monthly zoom calls focusing on systemic trauma; Karin has appeared as a guest during SCEP sessions; I have observed her work with clients who are willing to have me apprentice; we co-facilitated systemic sessions online with clients, and successfully worked with a team approach – combining systemic constellations and mending trauma with my alumni present to witness and represent on zoom.

We used this collaborative/team approach during an online First Nations Wellness Week resulting in positive feedback from people who were dealing with the effects of isolation during the pandemic.

Jan is a skilled facilitator with deep commitment to individual and collective healing.” ~ Christina Merkley

“. . . an emotionally safe container in which (sometimes incremental, sometimes momentous) shifts in perspective can unfold.” ~ Katharina Loschberger